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Marco Santos was born in 1981. From Valença do Minho he is one of the emerging painters from Portugal. Painting always fascinated him from the beginning of his childhood. Influenced him to show more interest in crafting illustrations of his surroundings, his parents, pets, nature, and all other attractive components from his childhood. On top of drawing his surroundings, he always engaged himself in sketching out fictional characters.

Art is an attempt to understand the inner-feelings, creativity and thinking to paint all of the overflow of emotions.

Self-taught artist

Marco Santos, a self-taught Portuguese/Spanish artist. It was around 2012/2013 he commenced painting more seriously. He started dedicating his intellects and creativity with a view to producing something that audiences will love to scrutinize.

Till the day, he has won several hearts with his aesthetic sense of art expressed through his painting. Marco Santos is also a man of powerful imagination who loves to catalyze that instinct with paint.

It is not easy to pour all your thoughts on just one or two paintings. Instead, it takes more to express what you are thinking. Shortly, he flourished as one of the painters who always strives to keep the ‘true meaning of art’ intact.

Art exhibitions

Exquisitely, Santos has successfully participated and exhibited his works in many art shows including group, collaborative, and solo exhibitions. Among the retrospectives, here are some examples… “Esencial” at Galeria Léucade (Murcia, Spain), “Friducha, A Frida Kahlo inspired art show” at La Bodega Gallery (San Diego, Califórnia) and “PortugArt” at DContemporary (London, UK). Moreover, he also participated in the outbound group exhibitions across the world.

He also presented his artworks jointly with Elena Ojea’s poetry in Castelo da Raiña Dona Urraca (Salvaterra, Spain) and Galeria Ap’ostrophe (Vigo, Spain). Other than this alliance, he also shook hands with another prominent artist António Porto and exhibited his artworks in many  shows.

It is worth mentioning that his solo exhibition also rewarded him recognition and acceptance of his artworks to a great extent. He, alone, organized exhibitions till the day to showcase his unique style, amalgamated his imagination with different forms of art.

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So how exactly does Marco Santos contributes to the world of art? Simply, he broke the conventional mechanisms of recreating artworks and went beyond with his imagination power to change people’s modernistic perceptions of art. Throughout his career, Santos has gradually transformed his working style from ordinary to different and still leaving no stone unturned to revolutionize the world of art.

His careful portraiture, with precise lines and balanced colours, expresses his instinct and creative thinking with his paintbrushes. The painter is still actively exploring the diverse world of art. He has done a series of work articulating different factors influenced by the pop culture.

Figurative art

Surrealism, Pop Surrealism, and Pop art are the recurring themes in Santos’s works. He manifests his creativity and imagination, blending a particular form of art with his style, and adding all of his favourite visuals. Such an approach is one of the traits that distinguish his artwork from others.

Looking at his paintings will give anyone, especially an art enthusiast, to take his artworks into account and extend his/her thinking regarding the unique pieces.

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