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Where are the paintings displayed? See the artist’s online art gallery down below. Marco Santos (1981, Valença, Portugal) is a self-taught Portuguese / Spanish artist. Marco always saw in drawing a form of communication, like a channel of expression which his imagination created. Since a very young age he drew about his surroundings like his parents, pets, schoolmates… But above all, he liked to draw his favorite fictional characters.  Lover of cinema, tv series, animations and comics,  he was therefore inspired by the pop culture of the 80’s, adding all of this to his love for the visual arts, made him want to be a painter and work in the art world.

He was influenced by various artistic movements and styles, ranging from surrealism, pop surrealism (lowbrow) and likewise, pop art.

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Moustache of justice

Crossover is a literary technique of mixing characters from diverse core interacting between them.

Photo of Marco Santos

Pop Symbiosis

Symbiosis is the interaction between two different organisms living in close association, usually to the advantage of both organisms.

Impassive observer

Daily realities

These works are born as an expression of what we live in day by day

Natural unbalance

The darkside of society

Marco Santos takes us in these works into the shadows of society, into the disguised reality presented to us by different media, manipulation, and distortion of our reality.

Paintings with meaning - Oil and acrylic on canvas

My artwork is very diverse, my most recent paintings embrace pop culture, a mix of reality, fiction, other realities and symbiosis using characters from different areas for that. On the other hand I have a series about everyday realities , to clarify, themes about what is part of our daily lives. Also social criticisms , in other words, reflecting some of the injustices that surround us. 

My artworks were exhibited in several galleries of Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and USA.

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