Marco Santos pop culture Art

Marco Santos’ artworks merge pop culture with reality and fiction creating a world where alternate realities and symbiotic relationships coexist.


Pop Culture Art

Marco Santos is a self-taught figurative artist who currently resides in Portugal. Born in 1981, Marco has always used drawing as a form of communication and expression for his imagination. His love for pop culture and drawing began at a young age, where he drew about his surroundings, including his parents, pets, and schoolmates. However, he was particularly drawn to his favorite fictional characters from movies, TV series, animations, and comics. This, combined with his love for the visual arts, led him to pursue a career as a painter and work in the art world.

He finds inspiration from everyday life, movie and TV characters, and the art history of different periods and styles, including works from the great masters. His recent paintings embrace pop culture, blending reality and fiction to create alternate realities and symbiosis. Marco also admires and studies the old masters of painting, and draws inspiration from their works to create his own version.

His work consists of mixing characters from different universes, connecting improbable realities, and playing with classical art to create a new and surprising world. Starting with a blank canvas, where everything is possible, I aim to bring the multiverse to figurative art, allowing everyone to recognize the represented characters in unexpected environments.

Marco Santos’ artworks have been exhibited in galleries located in Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, and United States. He was recently selected for the artist directory of the prestigious Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and signed a contract with the company iCanvas for the distribution of limited editions of his works.

In 2024, he was honored with the Medal of Merit in Valença do Minho, Portugal,  his hometown.


In popular culture, “crossover” refers to the interaction or combination of elements from different universes, franchises, or genres within a creative work

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Symbiosis refers to a close and mutually beneficial relationship between two different organisms.

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